This information should help you connect your Lovense toy to Second Life via the In-joi Link

How to Connect your Link to Lovense



❤ Try re-scanning the QR code from the IN-JOI Control HUD into your Lovense App

❤ Try un-pairing and re-pairing your toy

❤ Remember patterns don't work with all toys

❤ If everything seems  good but you're still having issues, unplug for 30 seconds and plug back in (Kidding lol) try resetting the scripts in your mesh toy :)

❤ Note that we do not have control over issues on the Lovense side, and they do happen from time-to-time.


❤ A Lovense Toy purchased from your local sex store /

❤  The Lovense Remote (Blue) / Lovense Connect (Pink) App from the App Store / Google Play for your phone. We suggest using the Blue app since it has been updated.

❤  An in-joi Link ready mesh toy / collar

❤ The in-joi link installed in your toy / collar (Note some toys no longer need install, just activation)


❤ Download the Lovense Remote/Connect app from the App Store / Google Play for your phone.

❤ Familiarize yourself with the app to ensure you know how to use it, if you do not I suggest reading info on the Lovense website.

❤ Connect your toy(s)

❤ Put on your IN-JOI Cofig Link HUD. (Pic 2) (click for a more in depth diagram of the config hud & installing here)

❤ Click the heart, and open the web-page to receive your personal QR code. (Pic 2)

❤ Scan the QR code presented to you in the app.  It should tell you that in-joi is

You will be automatically added as a user and may use the shock / toy HUDs to control yourself.  Simply long click (>2 seconds) on connect with the remote HUD.

Remote HUDs are copy/transfer so you may send to anyone you would like to "play" with your toy.