Access Lists

  • Access lists have been changed in V6 version of the slapper. Access lists are now in a separate notecard and use UUIDs as opposed to legacy name. For each access list you need to use Block=, Grab=,Slap=

  • Block will block the person from being able to touch you at all

  • Grab will only allow the person to touch your belly.

  • Slap will only allow the person to slap your chest.

Private / Public Text

  • Private / Public Text describes who will be able to see when you are slapped. When text is public it will write this message in local chat for all to see. When text is private it will only display to you in local chat. Please ensure that you use the words Private or Public after the equal sign.

RLV Layers

  • This will control whether your RLV layers get attached or not. Please use either Yes or No after the equal sign. If you put yes and have RLV turned off, the slapper will send messages in local chat, No is used to prevent this. We suggest checking out Ladybird for pretty awesome butt bruises but any BOM will work just fine!

  • To setup RLV Layers, please ensure that you have RLV turned on in your viewer and setup the folders in #RLV as seen below. If you don't have a #RLV folder, simply create one under the Inventory folder. (It needs to be named #RLV). After that is done you need to create a folder in side #RLV called "injoislap" and then inside that folder create another folder called "belly","titleft" and "titright" and then 3 more under that called called "1", "2" and "3". These will be the levels of bruising. (The reason we put a subfolder named "ass" was because in the future the pec slapper will use the same parent folder "injoislap") When you are done making the folders you can drop the BOM you want to attach, or a link to the BOM layer into the corresponding folders. The slapper will add 1 when you have been slapped 3 times, 2 when you have been slapped 6 times and 3 when you have been slapped 9 times. There is a 5 minute timer to remove all layers but will refresh when you have been slapped again. We have included 3 slap layers in the slapper package :)

Custom Text

  • For all 3 of these when writing a custom message % will convert to the persons name who slapped you and $ will replace with your name.

    Example: "% spanked $'s fine little ass" will look like "Fynn spanked Addy's fine little ass"

Custom Sounds & Animations

  • Sounds and animations that you put into the slappers inventory need to be named exactly in the notecard. If the sound / animation is named Slap1 it will have to be like that in the notecard as well. (Slap Sound=Slap1) if there are more than 1 sound / animation that you would like to use, please separate these by commas (Slap Sound=Full01,Full02)

  • Sound volumes should be 1 for loudest and 0 for quietest. This value is a decimal so .5 will be half volume.

Slap Roulette / Lovense

  • By purchasing the Slap Roulette addon from the in-joi mainstore, you can in-joi this fun little game with your friends or randos that decide your ass is juicy enough to play with. Slap roulette allows you to place odds on if and when your connected lovense toy will vibrate upon slap. To activate/deactivate Slap Roulette in your slapper simply put "Yes" after the equal sign, or "No" if you would like to turn it off. Remember this will require you to own a RL lovense toy ( as well as have the Pink Lovense (Lovense Connect) app on your phone. Slap Roulette comes built in so there is no extra installation required, all that needs to be done is be activated by the Slap Roulette Activation HUD one time. If your toy doesn't work after that, please try scanning the QR code form the Slap Roulette Connect HUD and / or follow the troubleshooting connecting your lovense. With regards to Toy Odds, the higher the number, the more often you will be buzzed. Please use a number between 1 and 10.

Project Arousal

  • Project arousal adds functionality to your slapper to increase your PA arousal on slap. You determine how high your arousal goes with each slap / grab. To turn this feature on/off simply put "Yes" for on and "No" for off after the equal sign (Project Arousal=Yes). Arousal value is how much your arousal is increased per slap / grab. Remember your arousal only will go up to 400 before you may cum. Default arousal value is 25.

  • We have also include shared arousal in the script. What this will do is when someone slaps you, and if they are wearing project arousal as well, both your arousal and theirs will increase by the value you have chosen.

Pec / Boob Bounce

  • Bounce Active in the note card will make your pecs / boobs bounce randomly, either one, the other or both. To active this simply put Bounce Active=Yes in the notecard. To shut it off change Yes to No and it will stop bouncing.


  • Anti-spam is a new feature (recommended by one of our amazing community members). Essentially what this will do is make it so that you can only be slapped 1 time in x amount of seconds. So for example if the value is 3, people slapping you will only be allowed to do it every 3 seconds.

V6 Pec/Belly Config

Open Lovense Connect on your phone

Click Connect HUD

Scan QR code in the Connect phone app