Let's talk about the HUD menu a little (What do the buttons mean)

Lock - Lock utilizes the RLV feature to lock the HUD to you so that when you change outfits, your pregnancy HUD will remain locked in place.

Detect - This controls whether you can be inseminated or not. When not actively trying to get pregnant by someone it is suggested you turn this off. (it saves on script memory too!)

Outfits - Cum controls whether the HUD will interact with 3rd party systems. Currently, the HUD works with the Spunked cum system and the Sensation Vagina & Asshole.

Anims - Will toggle on and off belly kick anims while pregnant

Sound - Will allow you to customer volumes of the sounds

Text - Will toggle on and off the text on your HUD

Relay - Toggles on and off relay to sire HUDs. With this feature on, people who have the sire HUD can tell that you are broadcasting with your fertility if they are looking for someone to breed.

Detect - Turns the ability to detect cum messages from peoples cocks.


Genitalia - Helps the HUD determine where to place cum. It also helps populate your profile.

Pause - Will stop the counters and on unpause will reset the scripts in your HUD

Update - Sends an update if one is available

Debug - Sends data to the creators to troubleshoot any issues with your HUD and turns on timers so you can ensure they are moving

HUD Speed - Sets the speed that your HUD will run at. To find out how long pregnancy would be simply divide 9 months by your HUD speed, and you will know how long your pregnancy will last.

Please note that INM has been removed from the system as it pops up anyway. Alternatively the HUD uses Sensations vagina and ass as well as Spunked cum system for additional effect.

How do I get pregnant?

Same way as real pretty much but with pixels :D When your partner releases with their mesh cock they will be prompted to put their seed on or in you.  If they put their seed in you, there will be a chance you get pregnant.  (Click to view the Preg Systen compatibility list). 

My partner is cumming but the menu is not popping up for them

This could be 1 of 3 things. 1, they do not have a compatible cock. (if a cock needs to be added please feel free to let us know in the in-joi discord). 2. In order for the trigger to happen your partner must be near you and seated on the same object. This was added to assist in people randomly trying to cum inside you. In the blue menu when clicking your pregnancy HUD the "DETECT" is not enabled (Full Star).

Cumming using the Sensation Cock HUD does not trigger the cum in/on menu

In order to trigger the cum in/on menu with sensation cocks simply have your partner use /9 cum in local.  This will trigger the cock to cum as well as the cum in/on menu.

How do I know I’m pregnant?

You will automatically know after 3 month pregnancy as the HUD will tell you and will automatically start attaching your RLV folders (If you have stuff in them).  If you would like to know sooner, you can always purchase a pregnancy test (available by lindens or in-joi points at the mainstore) and pee on a stick to make it visible on your profile.  The pregnancy test works the Sessions V and the VAW Pussy.  If you’re a man RPing pregnancy you can pee on the stick with a Physics, Aeros, VAW or SKNK cock and it will work the same.  Each Pregnancy Test is 1 time use.

How do I protect myself from getting unwillingly pregnant

Simply click the "DETECT" button ensuring that the star is empty. As long as detect is turned off you can not be inseminated.

What if I get pregnant and don’t want to?

Like in real life, if you have unprotected sex and you think you may have gotten pregnant, you can purchase our version of the morning after pill.  This pill must be taken within 18 hours of you possibly getting pregnant (Remember the faster your HUD speed, the quicker you will need to take the pill.  The pill works 100% of the time to terminate any possible pregnancy.   Option B is a onetime use preventative measure.

What happens if I miscarry?

If you by chance miscarry (3% chance – We added this for realism, though in real the chances of miscarriage are much higher, much higher if you're pregnant and have an infection), the HUD will reset and your profile will update.

How do I increase my fertility and what does it do?

Have lots of sex. By baby making you will increase your fertility. Alternatively there are fertility potions you can purchase at the in-joi mainstore that will increase this as well. Fertility will increase your base chances of getting pregnant. Additionally if your partners cum is potent, this will increase your chances as well.

What if I don't want to relay (broadcast to sire HUDs) my HUD?

Simply turn off "RELAY"

What if I don't want to be in the Breed Registry?

Turn it off on your pregnancy profile.

How long does the pregnancy last?

Like in real life, pregnancy lasts a full 9 months.  When you are ready to give birth the HUD will cycle into the labor phase, and when you have fully dilated into the birth phase.  The birth phase will always be different and the number of pushes you need to complete to birth will never be the same! You can augment this time by changing the HUD speed.

What happens when I give birth?

When you have given birth, the HUD will remove anything that was attached to you in the RLV folders and reset.

How do I view my profile?

Simply click on the HUD and click ”PREG PROFILE: CLICK HERE" For security we have encrypted your UUID and assigned a random generated code to ensure that no one can access your profile.  The only way for someone to access it would be if you give them the URL.

What if I want to know who the baby’s father is or the sex?

For a small fee, you can visit our mainstore and do an ultrasound / paternity test.  Both of these will populate this data on your profile page.  

What if I want to terminate my pregnancy after the Option B period?

For a fee, you can visit our mainstore in-world and complete the abortion process.  This will reset your HUD.   Please note you can only do this up to 6 months into your pregnancy.

What happens if I get infrected with the SLSTI infection?

If you get infected by someone you are sleeping with it will make you not able to get pregnant during any phase of the pregnancy cycle. In order to cure yourself you can purchase the cure at our mainstore with lindens or in-joi points.

How do I get in-joi points?

Each time you take a load you will be awarded with points. Your partner will earn points as well whether they own an in-joi product or not. It is important to make sure your preg HUD is v3.3 or higher to receive points. Points can be used to purchase various products in the mainstore including those that assist with your pregnancy HUD.

What do the HUD colors mean?

How do I setup the RLV Folders?


Preg System FAQ (VA.1)

RLV folders should be setup as viewed in the image to the right.  Please ensure that the folder names are exactly as listed as second like if case sensitive.

If you do not have an RLV folder, please create one named #RLV.

Main Folder Under #RLV named injoi

Folders inside injoi are as follows:

Birth, month2, month3, month4, month5, month6, month7, month8, month9

Place whatever you want the HUD to attach during those pregnancy periods and when you reach that time it will attach them automantically.

Updates will now be done via HUD that can be obtained at the in-joi mainstore. Notifications will be sent out when a HUD update is available!