Below are descriptions of what the stuff in the menu is and does :)


Shows your pregnancy profile including pregnancy information as well as inseminations (who inseminated). This profile will also contain your birth info (baby names and fathers etc)


Brings up the settings menu for you to customize your hud speed, genitalia, offline time (OL Time), debug and hard mode. HUD speed can range from 1 to 9. The higher the number the faster you will proceed through your pregnancy. Genitalia will let others know what appendage you use. Offline time is the counting of time while you are not online, it will add it to the current time once you login to move your pregnancy along regardless of if you are logged in or not. Debug sends information to customer support to help assist with debugging any issues. This button does not need to be pressed unless you are asked to. Hard Mode turns on and off miscarriage. When hardmode is starred this means that if you do not take care of your pregnancy with vitamins you may lose the baby.


Shows or hides your huds text.


Broadcasts your hud so those that own the sire hud can see that you are looking to get bred. It will display your name, fertility and whether you are breedable or not Anims Will turn on/off animations when you are pregnant, mainly the belly kick anim


Will turn on/off HUD sounds

Detect (Important to turn on when you would like to get pregnant)

This is required to be turned on to detect when someone releases in you. If this is not turned on others will not receive the menu to cum in/on you.

Obj Preg

This new feature will allow objects to get you pregnant. It is currently in alpha state but should still work.


Puts an RLV lock on your HUD so you do not mistakenly remove it. This can be turned on / off at any time

Preg System FAQ (V24.5)

RLV folders should be setup as viewed in the image to the right.  Please ensure that the folder names are exactly as listed as second like if case sensitive.

If you do not have an RLV folder, please create one named #RLV.

Main Folder Under #RLV named injoi

Folders inside injoi are as follows:

Birth, month2, month3, month4, month5, month6, month7, month8, month9

Place whatever you want the HUD to attach during those pregnancy periods and when you reach that time it will attach them automantically.

Updates will now be done via HUD that can be obtained at the in-joi mainstore. Notifications will be sent out when a HUD update is available!