The in-joi Preg System (V24.5)

Designed with simplicity and realism in mind

Please note that we will no longer be supporting prior versions of the HUD. The newest version of the HUD is all contained within SL except to get insemination data.

What is this all about?

​A great deal of people in Second Life, whether it be to RP pregnancy to elevate your connection with your partner,  or to accomplish something in your Second Life that cannot be achieved in real.   We decided to build in (and evolve) all the things to make a system that has realistic components that allow you to travel through conception, pregnancy and birth.

​How does it work?

​The in-joi pregnancy HUD cum events (with a compatible SL penis) from avatars 1.5 meters from you and Seated.    The ejaculator receives a popup that gives them the choice to release on or in you.    Every time someone releases inside you there is a chance that you may get pregnant.   Your Preg HUD follows a typical menstrual cycle, partner potency and your fertility which will affect the ease of getting pregnant.  Our product works with most popular appendages in SL (Compatibility List).


Fertility is a metric driven from either being inseminated or by consumption of fertility meds. To use these grab some from the vendor with points / lindens and add. When they are in your hand click and hold for 2 seconds to use. These pills will fill your hearts and buff your fertility chances to get pregnant easier.


Pregnancy is driven by 3 metrics. Cycle (What period in the menstrual cycle you are in), Fertility (how fertile you are - see above) as well as your partners potency (driven by consumables / inseminating others). If 2 of these metrics align it will result in a pregnancy, additionally if all 3 metrics algin this will result in twins OR triplets (if RNG is on your side).

Breed Registry & Relay

Every HUD comes with a free addition to a breeding registry if you're looking to get bred. You can view the breed registry in the in-joi mainstore as well or in any place that has one available. In addition we have added a feature to the HUD which allows you to broadcast that you're wearing the HUD. This will make you visible to anyone wearing the "Sire HUD" and will let them know if you are in a breedable state. The relay feature will only work on the sim you are currently in, it will not broadcast across the grid.

Add-ons to make your experience more realistic

We have created a few add-ons that will allow you to control and reveal your pregnancy.  We have an IUD available to prevent any chance of getting pregnant either by trolling or if you decide to be promiscuous, a morning after pill just incase you oop and need to terminate any possible pregnancy (you should take this as quickly as possible as you only have a little bit of time after conception for this to work), a pregnancy test that you actually pee on to see if you're pregnant!  Also paid clinical services in-store giving you the ability to do an ultrasound and see what the baby's sex, a paternity test to see who the father is, and the ability to abort as long as you are less than 6 months into your pregnancy.  We have now added in fertility potions as well as potency power-ups that will soon be available if you want to boost quickly (these will be available for purchase with lindens or loyalty in-joi points.

Your pregnancy online!

We have put everything online for you, made it secure and best of all it's free!   Every HUD has a special code for the actual HUD and a special code for every pregnancy.   This was designed to keep your information safe.  The only way someone can get ahold of this info is if you give it to them intentionally.  To track your pregnancy simply click the HUD and "View Profile."  It will open a page and show you everything you need, including the information you completed a test to reveal!

Need Help?

Check out our Pregnancy HUD FAQ