We've got something for you to in-joi!

Link your virtual life to your real life

Install The Link into any of our mesh toys and give control of your RL Lovense toy to who ever you want!

By adding the link to your toy or collar, you or your partner are given the ability to control your actual Lovense toys in the real world, seamlessly. We have added a ton of functionality to your toys, created IN VIEWER remotes to control them, and placed in TOP NOTCH security to ensure that no one can connect to you without your explicit permission!

Oh, yeah! You heard us.

The person controlling your toy no longer has to use their personal cell phone to control your toy in second life.  It's all done in viewer on a HUD based remote. We know, pretty sweet!

Best thing is once you've configured your toy there is NO need to wear any HUDS!  The only reason you would need to put the Control HUD back on would be to change some settings or add / remove people that you would like to access your toys.